To develop innovative autonomous micro/nano systems leveraging on bio-mimic characteristics for efficiency e.g. flapping wing UAV, micro UAV, snake-like mini robots for land, hybrid system that can operate across different domains and fish-like underwater vehicles.

The technology thrusts of interest include, but are not limited to:

System Design: novel devices and design concepts to enhance system performance. Some possible technologies of interest:

  • Hybrid platform for different mission regimes.
  • Monolithic system design to incorporate the system ‘brain’ complete with communications (Non-Line-of-Sight, NLOS), sensors, navigation and propulsion.

Mission performance: to improve the autonomy of unmanned systems to carry out its missions. Some possible technologies of interest:

  • Autonomy capabilities e.g. ability to perform obstacle detection and avoidance.
  • Cooperative logic and tactical behaviours.

Systems Technology for Autonomous Reconnaissance & Surveillance (STARS)

Professor Kristin L WOOD, Oct 2013, 4 years