Call for Proposals

TL@SUTD Seed Research Programme

TL@SUTD would like to announce the First call for SEED Proposals in 2023. This grant call is open to all SUTD faculty. The seed research project funding is typically up to S$100,000 and the project duration is generally up to 12 months.  The primary focus is the development of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Areas of Research include but not limited to :

  • Robot Perception and navigation in difficult Environment with minimal sensors such as heavy rain, dust, day/night operation and no GPS;
  • Human Robot Teaming such as trust model and interaction modalities;
  • Multi-Agent Learning and Coordination;
  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence Approach to make sense of data such as learning from small data, generating hypothesis/story from data and causal reasoning; and
  • Advanced Secured Communication such as to enable cooperation among robots and human in urban environment.
  • Others

Applicants are encouraged to collaborate with joint Principal Investigators who are professors or researchers in SUTD, or other universities and research institutes. The research project may involve graduate and/or undergraduate students.


This seed research programme is open to faculty in SUTD.   Research work under the project shall be carried out in SUTD.


Each seed research project may be funded up to S$100,000. It may include manpower cost, direct expenses such as equipment, materials and facility charges.

 Project Duration

The seed research project is generally given up to 12 months to complete, with exceptions under special circumstances. The project must commence within one (1) month upon acceptance of the award. Failing to do so may result in the award being rescinded.

Submission Process

Interested applicants are to submit the completed proposal (using the template provided) electronically by 15 January 2023. Late or incomplete submission will not be considered.

If you have any questions pertaining to the grant programme, please email to

Schedules for TL@SUTD Seed Research Program Call for Proposals

Call Status Date
Call for Proposal 01 December 2022
Indication of Interest 05 December 2022
Submission of Proposal 15 January 2023
Notification of Award End March 2023