Project PI: Foong Shaohui,

Task PIs: Soh Gim Song, Low Hong Yee

Project Period: 30 March 2021 to 29 August 2023


In urban environments, rapid deployment of an array of sensors aerially would be critical for a wide variety of applications, especially in situations where ground access is hampered, e.g. disaster zones. There are 2 challenges in such operations. The first is the manner in which the sensor is deployed into the environment. The second is the mechanism in which the sensor is positioned in the environment.

  • The first is to develop a nature inspired aerial craft with embedded sensing electronics. This platform will utilize the efficient auto-rotating principle with new actuation and control schemes as well as optimized aerodynamic designs to allow accurate insertion from high altitude and high speed deployment.
  • The second objective is to explore how a sensor payload can be deployed aerially onto urban infrastructure such as lamp posts and walls. Of interest is the mechanism in which the sensor payload can be robustly and reliably adhered onto the lamp posts and walls and how it is integrated into a multi-rotor unmanned craft for aerial-based deployment.