To incorporate cyber command and control tasks and information into today’s Command and Control Information Systems (CCIS) by developing information systems with an open architecture, able to integrate components in a plug-and-play manner and has an intuitive user interface design to provide users with good situation awareness and support in cyber-related decision making.

The component technologies of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Sensors: automatically extract and contextualise data/ information pertaining to cyber activities in a network, subnet, server or computer.
  • Visualization: visual analytics and intuitive displays on cyber infrastructures, resources, requirements and information will help the analyst achieve good situation awareness.
  • Multi-modal Sensemaking: assimilate information from various cyber sensors and fuse them to achieve higher order sensemaking.
  • Adaptive Decision Support: provide adaptive decision support capabilities for the commander/decision maker.

Cross-functional Information System for Decision Making (CISDeM)

Professor David YAU, Dec 2014, 3 Years