Highlighted Research Capabilities

RA-L 2019 – Dynamics and Control of a Collaborative and Separating Descent of SAWs

SUTD Transformable HOvering Rotorcraft (THOR)

T-RO 2021 – An Agile Samara-Inspired Single-Actuator Aerial Robot capable of Autorotation & Diving

A Hybrid Aerial Robot with Multi-Mode Structural Efficiency and Optimized Mid-Air Transition

Rail Viaduct Bearing Inspection using “Bearing Inspector for Narrow-space Observation (BINO)”

Hybrid Kinematics Modelling for an Aerial Robot with Visual Controllable Fluid Ejection

External View of SWIRL Autonomous Flight @ Eu Tong Sen Canal

RAL-ICRA19 Overview – Design Optimisation of Sparse Sensing Array

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