Project PI : Tony Quek

Task PI : Chong Kai Fong, Ernest, Malika Meghjani

Project Period : 20 March 2019 to 01 November 2022

The main objective of this project is to design and develop a system of intelligent human – multi-robot teaming with augmented intelligence. Specifically, we will adopt a multi-disciplinary approach by developing a multi-robot system and teaming algorithms, developing an artificial intelligence assisted virtual co-pilot platform, and designing the system integration. The project should achieve the following:

  • Development of algorithms for multi-robot system (MRS) that can operate autonomously in both outdoor and indoor urbanized environment and can adapt to changing parameters and imperfect prior knowledge of the environment.
  • Intelligent collaboration between human operators and ground/aerial robots as well as teaming amongst ground/aerial robots.
  • Development of a virtual co-pilot that is powered by artificial intelligence to enable the human operator to control multiple robots within a dynamically changing environment for accomplishing specific missions.
  • Integration of AI driven virtual co-pilot and MRS to develop an AI assisted MRS in both system and algorithm level.
  • Simulate the AI assisted MRS in both simulation platform and hardware-in-the-loop platform.
  • Integrated system design for testing, verification, and validation.