Project Titles PI Commencement Date Duration
Adaptive indoor localization system for next generation soldier system Associate Professor Yuen CHAU June 2017 1 year
Follow-me capability for unmanned vehicles under infrastructure-less in-door condition Assistant Professor TAN U-Xuan June 2017 1 year
Realizing Artificial synaptic devices with reversible transition between short term plasticity and long term plasticity for neuromorphic engineering development Associate Professor ZHAO Rong June 2017 1 year
JSFox: Detecting JavaScript Vulnerabilities Associate Professor, Sun JUN November 2016 1 year
Tuneable Hyperbolic Metamaterials for Single Photon Source  Assistant Professor, Robert Edward Simpson November 2016 1 year
A Nanometer-Size, Low-Cost Thermal Guiding-Device Used for Anti-Thermal-Infrared Camouflage Assistant Professor, Desmond LOKE November 2016 1 year
Design of Algorithms for Real-Time Health Management and Lifecycle Prediction of Critical Defense Systems Assistant Professor, Nagarajan Raghava August 2016 17 months
Proactive information surveillance in 4G wireless networks Assistant Professor, DUAN Lingjie June 2016 1 Year
Deep Learning for Singlish Parsing Assistant Professor, YUE Zhang June 2016 14 months
Machine learning-based context awareness in Soldier Body Area Networks Associate Professor, Tony QUEK June 2016 1 Year
Electromagnetic Computational Tools at Fractional Dimensions Professor, Ricky ANG June 2016 18 months
Demonstration of a Bio-inspired Locomotion Mechanism in liquid metal embrittlement Associate Professor, WU Ping June 2016 18 months
Biomimetic, Strong yet Tough Composites through 3D Printing Assistant Professor Arief BUDIMAN October 2015 1 Year
Dynamic and Cooperative Swarming of Mobile Sensing Buoys for Monitoring the Singapore Coastline and Reservoirs Assistant Professor, Roland BOUFFANAIS October 2015 1 Year
Aerospike Nozzle Designs Assistant Professor FOONG Shaohui January 2015 1 Year
Scalable and Robust Algorithms for Semantic Information Processing for Free Texts Assistant Professor LU Wei January 2015 14 months
Prevent New Bridging the Air-Gap Attacks using Deception Techniques Professor Yuval ELOVICI February 2015 1.5 Year
Design of a Novel Biomechanical Energy Harvesting Device that Utilizes Negative Work Assistant Professor TAN U-Xuan October 2014 1.5 year
Label-free and Real-time Biohazard Detection with MoS2 Nanosheet Biosensor Assistant Professor YANG Hui Ying Sepembter 2014 1 year
All-Dielectric Terahertz Metamaterial Based Gas Detectors Dr Herman CHEN Zaichun June 2014 1 year
Development of Skin-attachable Sensor for Posture Reconstruction Assistant Professor YE Ai June 2014 1 year
Empirical Assessment of Techniques for Detecting and Responding to Sensor Attacks in Cyber Physical Systems Assistant Professor Justin RUTHS April 2014 1.5 year