Project Titles PI Commencement Date Duration
JSFox: Detecting JavaScript Vulnerabilities Assistant Professor, Sun JUN November 2016 1 year
Tuneable Hyperbolic Metamaterials for Single Photon Source  Assistant Professor, Robert Edward Simpson November 2016 1 year
A Nanometer-Size, Low-Cost Thermal Guiding-Device Used for Anti-Thermal-Infrared Camouflage Assistant Professor, Desmond LOKE November 2016 1 year
Design of Algorithms for Real-Time Health Management and Lifecycle Prediction of Critical Defense Systems Assistant Professor, Nagarajan Raghava August 2016 1 year
Proactive information surveillance in 4G wireless networks Assistant Professor, DUAN Lingjie June 2016 1 Year
Deep Learning for Singlish Parsing Assistant Professor, YUE Zhang June 2016 1 Year
Machine learning-based context awareness in Soldier Body Area Networks Assistant Professor, Tony QUEK June 2016 1 Year
Electromagnetic Computational Tools at Fractional Dimensions Associate Professor, Ricky ANG June 2016 1 Year
Demonstration of a Bio-inspired Locomotion Mechanism in liquid metal embrittlement Associate Professor, WU Ping June 2016 1 Year
Biomimetic, Strong yet Tough Composites through 3D Printing Assistant Professor Arief BUDIMAN October 2015 1 Year
Dynamic and Cooperative Swarming of Mobile Sensing Buoys for Monitoring the Singapore Coastline and Reservoirs Assistant Professor, Roland BOUFFANAIS October 2015 1 Year
Aerospike Nozzle Designs Assistant Professor FOONG Shaohui January 2015 1 Year
Scalable and Robust Algorithms for Semantic Information Processing for Free Texts Assistant Professor LU Wei January 2015 1 Year 2 months
Prevent New Bridging the Air-Gap Attacks using Deception Techniques Professor Yuval ELOVICI February 2015 1.5 Year
Design of a Novel Biomechanical Energy Harvesting Device that Utilizes Negative Work Assistant Professor TAN U-Xuan October 2014 1.5 year
Label-free and Real-time Biohazard Detection with MoS2 Nanosheet Biosensor Assistant Professor YANG Hui Ying Sepembter 2014 1 year
All-Dielectric Terahertz Metamaterial Based Gas Detectors Dr Herman CHEN Zaichun June 2014 1 year
Development of Skin-attachable Sensor for Posture Reconstruction Assistant Professor YE Ai June 2014 1 year
Empirical Assessment of Techniques for Detecting and Responding to Sensor Attacks in Cyber Physical Systems Assistant Professor Justin RUTHS April 2014 1.5 year