Research Track  Project Title  Commencement Date  Completion Date  Principal Investigator
Cyber Defence Empirical Assessment of Techniques for Detecting and Responding to Sensor Attacks in Cyber Physical Systems 1-Apr-14 30-Sep-15 Justin RUTHS
Soldier Systems Development of Skin-attachable Sensor for Posture Reconstruction 1-Jun-14 31-May-15 Ye AI
Soldier Systems All-Dielectric Terahertz Metamaterial Based Gas Detectors 1-Jun-14 31-May-15 Herman CHEN Zaichun
Soldier Systems Label-free and Real time Biohazard Detection with MoS2 Nanosheet Biosensor 1-Sep-14 31-Aug-15 YANG Hui Ying
Soldier Systems Design of Novel Biomechanical Energy Harvesting Device that Utilises Negative Work  1-Oct-14 31-Mar-16 TAN U-Xuan
Information Systems Scalable and Robust Algorithms for Semantic Information Processing for Free Texts 1-Jan-15 29-Feb-16 LU Wei
Engineering Systems Flight Test Analysis of Aerospace Nozzle Designs 1-Jan-15 31-Dec-15 FOONG Shaohui
Cyber Defense/Information Systems Prevent New Bridging the Air-Gap Attacks using Deception Techniques 1-Feb-15 31-Jul-16 Yuval Elovici 
Bio-inspired/Biomimic Systems Biomimetic, Strong yet Tough Composites through 3D Printing 1-Oct-15 30-Sep-16 Arief Budiman
Bio-inspired/Biomimic Systems Dynamic and Cooperative Swarming of Mobile Sensing Buoys for Monitoring the Singapore Coastline and Reservoirs 1-Oct-15 30-Sep-16 Roland Bouffanais
Bio-inspired/Biomimic Systems Bio-inspired sensor array to detect and track invisible trails left by vehicles and objects in underwater and aerial environments 1-Jun-16 31-May-17 Pablo Valdivia y Alvarado
Information Systems Proactive information surveillance in 4G wireless networks 1-Jun-16 31-May-17 Duan Lingjie
Bio-inspired/Biomimic Systems Demonstration of a Bio-inspired Locomotion Mechanism in liquid metal embrittlement 1-Jun-16 30-Nov-17 Wu Ping 
Soldier systems Electromagnetic Computational Tools at Fractional Dimensions 1-Jun-16 30-Nov-17 Ricky ANG
Soldier systems Machine learning-based context awareness in Soldier Body Area Networks 1-Jun-16 28-Feb-18 Tony QUEK
Information Systems Deep Learning for Singlish Parsing  1-Jun-16 1-Aug-17 Yue Zhang
Engineering systems Design of Algorithms for Real-Time Health Management and Lifecycle Prediction of Critical Defense Systems 1-Aug-16 31-Dec-17 Nagarajan Raghava
Engineering systems Tuneable Hyperbolic Metamaterials for Single Photon Source  1-Nov-16 31-Oct-17 Robert Edward Simpson
Engineering systems A Nanometer-Size, Low-Cost Thermal Guiding-Device Used for Anti-Thermal-Infrared Camouflage 1-Nov-16 30-Nov-17 Desmond Loke
Cyber Defence JSFox: Detecting JavaScript Vulnerabilities 1-Nov-16 31-Oct-17 Sun Jun
Soldier Systems Adaptive indoor localization system for next generation soldier system 1-Jun-17 31-May-18 Yuen Chau 
Soldier Systems Follow-me capability for unmanned vehicles under infrastructure-less in-door condition 1-Jun-17 31-May-18 TAN U-Xuan
Bio-inspired/Biomimic Systems Realizing Artificial synaptic devices with reversible transition between short term plasticity and long term plasticity for neuromorphic engineering development 1-Jun-17 31-May-18 Zhao Rong
Edge intelligence Simulator for fully memristive neural network: from elementary components to network 1-Oct-19 30-Sep-20 Chong Tow Chong
Man-unmanned teaming Intelligent Nature Inspired Aerial Craft with Dynamic Vision Sensor for Real-time Advanced Perception of Environment and Human Intent 1-Oct-19 30-Sep-20 Foong Shaohui
Advanced AI techniques for defense related applications Multimodal Approach to Storage Life Prognosis for Integrated Defense Vehicle Health Management 1-Oct-19 30-Sep-20 Nagarajan Raghavan
Edge intelligence Extremely compact deep neural networks for edge analytics: Algorithms and designs 1-Oct-19 30-Sep-20 Ngai Man (Man) Cheung