This is a call for proposals for the Seed Research Programme under Temasek Laboratories at Singapore University of Technology and Design (TL@SUTD) to take advantage of emerging opportunities of various scientific advances. The primary consideration in funding the seed research project is that the research is original, exciting and has potential for defence applications. The work may include conducting technology scanning, literature search, preliminary research, building computer model and/or physical proof-of-concept prototype, collecting data and studying the feasibility of technical ideas.

Applied technical areas:

  1. Bio-inspired / Biomimic systems
  2. Information systems
  3. Soldier systems
  4. Engineering systems
  5. Cyber Defence

Applicants are encouraged to initiate collaborative research project with joint Principal Investigators who are professors or researchers in SUTD, or other universities and research institutes. The research project may involve graduate and undergraduate students if applicable.


Open to faculty in SUTD. Research work under the project shall be carried out in SUTD.


The small-scale internally-funded seed research project is typically up to S$50,000. It may include manpower cost, direct expenses such as equipment, materials and facility charges.


The seed research project is generally for a period up to 12 months, exceptions may be made for special circumstances. The project must commence within one (1) month upon accepting the award. Failing to do so may result in the award being rescinded.

Submission Process

Please submit the completed proposal (Using the template provided) electronically by 30 October 2016. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

Evaluation Process

The Director of TL@SUTD, or a designated committee appointed by the Director, will review the proposals received, subjected to endorsement by the Future Systems and Technology Directorate, Ministry of Defence (FSTD, MINDEF). Proposals will be evaluated based on significance, innovation, approach. The approval of the Director of TL@SUTD will be final.

If you have any questions pertaining to the grant programme, please email to

Schedules for TL@SUTD Seed Research Program Call for Proposals

Call Status Date
Call for proposal 01 September 2016
Indication of Interest By 01 October 2016
Submission of Proposal By 30 October 2016
Notification of Award  February 2017