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 Technical Session Technical Seminar S/No. Area of Interest Point of Contact (for Clarification on Area of Interest)
1 Protective Materials, Enabling Technologies for Photonics Applications and Photonics Enabled Semiconductor Switches 2016-01 2016-01-Emerging Fabrication Techniques for Vehicle Armour Ms Pauline Chua <>
2016-02 2016-02-Atmospheric Propagation of Lasers Mr Khoo Sing Soong <>
2016-03 2016-03-Photonics-enabled Semiconductor Switches Mr Oliver Tong <>
2 Autonomy for Robotics & Aeronautics Platforms 2016-04 2016-04-All Weather Navigation Perception System Mr Cheng Li Wei <>
2016-05 2016-05-Intelligent Machine-Human Teaming Mr Chan Rui Zhong <>
2016-06 2016-06-Co-operative Teaming Mr Tang Johnson <>
2016-07 2016-07-High Lift Long Endurance Airframe
3 Communications in Spectrum 2016-08 2016-08 Communications Mr Foo Jong Chin <>
2016-09 2016-09 Underwater communications Mr Vincent Toh <>
4 Microsystems to Enable Low SWaP, Vision Analytics for Exploitation of High Volume Imagery Data 2016-10 2016-10-Next Generation Digital Wideband Receivers Dr John Poh  <>
2016-11 2016-11-Next Generation RF Microwave Circuits
2016-12 2016-12-Highly Reliable Electronics in Space Environment
2016-13 2016-13-Image Video Processing for Wide Area Persistence Sensors Mr Lim Boon Wah <>
2016-14 2016-14-Intelligent Vision Analytics
2016-15 2016-15-Sea-Deployed IED Detection Mr Vincent Toh <>
2016-16 2016-16-Underwater Energy Harvesting
5 Synthetic Biology & Novel Human Augmentation Strategies 2016-17 2016-17-Novel Augmentation for Enhanced Soldier Performance Ms Chen Kaizhen <>
2016-18 2016-18-Exploiting Synthetic Biology for Novel Defence Materials Dr Dawn Yeo <>
2016-19 2016-19-Countering Synthetic Biology for Defence Applications
2016-20 2016-20-Enhanced Survivability of Responders in Radiologically Contaminated Environment Dr Alex Chin <>
 6 Adaptive Cyber Defence 2016-21 2016-21-Adaptive Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) Mr Leon Cheng <>

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